Art Classes


Download the listing here or view below: LAKELAND HIGH SCHOOL ART PROGRAMS INFO

Painting & Drawing 1

Grades 10-12                                                       2 semesters            2 credits

Pre-requisite: Art 1. Do you love to draw and paint? In this course, you can expect to gain strong foundational skills by drawing and painting studio projects in a wide variety of media and art forms while learning an overview of art history. Students will explore techniques and concepts of painting and drawing, experimentation with multi-media techniques, and they will discover famous artists and what makes their work so compelling. They will learn drawing and shading skills in pencil using contour, sketch, and blending techniques and experiment with watercolor pencils and Prisma colors. They will use Watercolor, Acrylic, and water-based Oil painting while applying color theory concepts.


Advanced Art: Art 4

Grades 11-12                                                  2 semesters               2 credits

Pre-requisite: Intermediate Art. Advanced Art is intended for motivated students who have demonstrated excellence in art and a desire for advanced study. The focus of this course will be a clearly defined independent program and portfolio development.  Students will learn about local and regional artists, art-based careers, and college arts programs. Highlights include a guest artist series and exposure to local galleries and community art resources.


Art Fundamentals: Art 1

Grades 9-12                                             2 semesters               2 credits

Investigate the world of art!  Students explore a survey of techniques and are introduced to basic materials, history of art, and building blocks for successful art making.  Areas of emphasis are drawing, painting, ink, color use, art appreciation, perspective, alternative topics, graffiti art, watercolor, printmaking, crafts, basic clay work, and some sculptural projects. Students meet artists from the community through a Guest Artist Series. Weekly, students work in sketchbook assignments, logo designs, projects, and some written work. Students participate in art competitions and shows that include monetary prizes at times.

Intermediate Art: Art 3

Grades 10-12                                       2 semesters               2 credits                  

Pre-requisite: Art Fundamentals.  Enjoy the exciting experience utilizing skills taught in Art Fundamentals and exploring more art techniques and projects through increased expectations and studies. Examples include mixed media, crafts, drawing, painting, printmaking, and silk-screening. Students will have the opportunity to explore individual art projects, utilizing research and creating art. Class also includes sketchbook assignments and some written work. Students meet artists from the community through a Guest Artist Series.

Pottery 1

Grades 9-12                                          2 semesters               2 credits                                                                                                                                                                                    Hand-building a pot or using a pottery wheel is a messy and satisfying experience.  The elegant pots you see in fine stores are the result of years of experience, but nearly anyone can learn the skills needed to make pieces that can be used and enjoyed.  Pottery is a great way to be creative and express yourself.  This is a hands-on beginning pottery course utilizing basic techniques exploring form, texture, glazing, sculpture, masks, vessels, and basic vocabulary. Students meet artists from the community through a Guest Artist Series.

Pottery 2/3   

Grades 9-12                                         2 semesters               2 credits                  

Pre-requisite:  Pottery 1.  In Pottery 2, students will enjoy the opportunity to discover individual pottery design in focus groups and as independent study.  Pottery 3 will focus on sculpture with clay and wheel throwing with emphasis on technique, form/function, pattern, texture applications, advanced glazing techniques, ancient pottery technique and modern studies.  Each year of enrollment involves increased expectations and research studies.